What is a HIO-X?

Health Information Organization & Exchange

Electronic Health Network (EHN) is a Health Information Organization and Exchange (HIO-X) who facilitates the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) between and among healthcare organizations, clinical research organizations, healthcare payers and public health agencies. EHN role is to safeguard and protect the privacy and security of PHI for multiple covered entities. We are able using the most advanced and secured technology available.

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Why EHN Managed Services

Share, Improve Care, Reduce Costs, Save Lives

EHN can help your organization connect to any state-level, health information exchange (HIE) using your existing EMR/EHR/HIS. Once connected, you will share and receive patient data with other health organizations quickly, in real-time. There is no printing, phone calls, faxing or additional documentation required. Our technology works in the background while you focus on your patients. Finally, save millions by using EHN Managed Services.

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